Reassessing America’s future role in today’s pandemic

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Unification against the face of adversary has often been proclaimed as the stronghold of human nature tackling feet’s beyond our ability. Humankind's ability to overcome such pressing natural or either man-made calamities have been linked to our ability to bond socially, adapt and innovate. Riding the waves of terror and unknown together. Much of our advanced cognitive and physical abilities to escape death and to prosper have been often regularly compared to our counterparts, ANIMALS. However experiencing this global pandemic from my TV, news sources and experience, are we not much different? Living in a jungle where some may fair better, some dissolving into disobedience, anarchy and one over-arcing gorilla.

The unprecedented failure for America to contain the virus, a nation who has always earned recognition for a generous reliant state for foreign aid and notable for their economic strength and financial hubs. Has failed to reflect its core distinctiveness in today's time its face diminishing over just the past 2 months dominated by a fragmented nation yielding many protests under the current status-quo.

Televised internationally the B.L.M(black lives matter protest) has become the face of struggle in America, a campaign or movement calling for the exhilaration of discriminatory acts from bureaucracies, undermining their rights and the notion of an equal society. While social media has been dominated by the black lives campaign it has also been the stage for…..

  1. criticism of the Trump administration,
  2. the reluctance and often mythical beliefs to not wear masks contradictory to the W.H.O
  3. recent fear of an American banned Tik-Tok.

The primary focal points in the world of economics and business fixate on America’s slumping economy, recently losing 33% of its value. As economist increasing attempt to predict the graph of its recession. Favoring either the v shaped recession in which concurs to the theory of a tremendous fast recovery from a clearly defined trough. The U shaped recession, in which displays a far less distinct trough, is best explained by former chief economist for the international monetary fund as a bath tub “You go in. You stay in. The sides are slippery. You know, maybe there’s some bumpy stuff in the bottom, but you don’t come out of the bathtub for a long time.” While the W-shaped recession represents a period in which the economy falls into a recession, resulting in a slow often small period of not significant economic growth, before loathed with another recession and finally recovering. The destabilizing form of the American economy is only ever more pungent with its record high unemployment numbers, according to NBC with unemployment numbers to 45.5 million since march a record not even visible or experienced in the great depression. However yet the most capturing controversy for Millennial mixing American politics and business is the prospect of a banned tik-tok. In which could drastically impact the presence of a growing number of international Chinese firms to view America as a potential client and the global opinion of America as a safe haven to cultivate or open business.

An interesting article venturing into the realms of a possible Microsoft acquired tik-tok by Jack Chong:

Historical context: America’s rise to its position and influence today has been a heroic and treacherous one, overcoming obstacles and standing firm to the international order we have today. The roaring 20’s (1920–1929)a historical figure posing for the age of American economical boom, home to a thriving manufacturing center. Its sudden economical boom calculated in terms of GDP based on the equation C + G + I + NX. C indicating Consumer spending, G representing government spending, while I stands for investment and NX as net export. America’s lively economic prosperity, was largely linked to its prominent role in WW1 manufacturing warplanes and war crafts. Indicating a sudden expansion to meet the high demand for artillery signalling the boom for manufacturing and the construction of factories to facilitate the heavy demand. Bestowing upon them a network of heavy manufacturing which proved advantageous for their success after the war. Soon American manufacturing eclipsed and captured markets in Europe, becoming a very reliant source for cars, food and any basic necessity or luxury. Its economical prosperity was heavily enforced by Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover, boosting taxes on foreign goods and services imported into the USA. Through the McCumber Tarriff Act in 1922. This dramatically changed the complexity of the equation NX (net export) calculated by export-imports. However in light of the McCumber Tarriff Act imports were slashed and taxed by a tremendous figure as export continued to rise, allowing their economic success to continue to boom. This period also signified a period of consumer spending propelling the business cycle, economical cycle or trade cycle. Encouraging investments and in return constantly expanding. To sustain economic growth for such a long time till today is something worthy of boasting, as the tittle of the largest economy still holds in the hands of Americans. Surviving it many hardships together as a hole.

America its flag widely celebrated and memorized through today unpredictable and volatile markets is under siege as rising suppressed anger under a biased authority voices for change. Plagued by political struggle and a divided nation to the backdrop of a falling economy, record low unemployment and a failing stimulus program, is a time to call into question about America’s future role in the global economy. Venturing into the depths answering Americas role as a center for diplomatic catalyst and its role in brokering international deal, its position as the leading economy. Investigating what may be the new social norm for America, in the context of employment, businesses and the role of the American people. While attempting to explain Americas future international popularity and people’s shifting opinions on America as a country.

1.Americas role as a center for diplomatic relations: will America still retain the glory of an international staple for conducting foreign policy and acting as a stabilizing force for the international order.

America’s role as a catalyst and the middle man in brokering foreign policy a duty in which it has proudly fulfilled for the majority of its existence as a strong and highly respected power. Its position and reach into international politics has not diminished, attempting to protect Hong Kong from the National security bill poised to destabilize Hong Kong’s freedom and recently brokering a deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates. According to the New York Times “if fulfilled, the pact would make the Emirates only the third Arab country to have normal diplomatic relations with Israel along with Egypt, which signed a peace agreement in 1979, and Jordan, which signed a treaty in 1994. It could reorder the long stalemate in the region, potentially leading other Arab nations to follow suit in forging an increasingly explicit alliance with Israel against their mutual enemy in Iran while taking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s explosive annexation plan off the table, at least for now.”

Americas role and consistent attitude to regional conflicts amplifying them to an international stage, has not very much declined emphasized by its compassion with the Hong Kong people and conducting a ground breaking deal with the Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Its passion in this stage for a more prosper middle east has not wavered as Mr Trump spoke “This deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure and prosperous Middle East.” While its attitude to foreign policy and diplomacy has not deflected into a foreign path. Today’s its biggest threat is the rise of china’s diplomatic missions and the reassessments of Americas role by globally dominating economies. Which could potentially sabotage its image, especially under the performance of the trump administration in its attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus. Potentially leaving them adrift with foreign deals that could be brokered by china or be left from a specifically important deal. In which could spell disaster for a nation who heads diplomatic relations in which continues to lose relationships.

2.Americas role as a economical superpower: The rise of china as a strong contender for economic superiority and the consequences of a trade war.

China’s rise as a contender to the hot seat has not been ignored by the U.S. As a series of ongoing trade wars and poor relations continue through this period of grief. Competition occurring to the laws of the capitalistic economy founded by Adam smith. Champions this phenomenon as one of the major aspects of the free market. Competition understood in economic school is a tool for prosperity and innovation, something lacking in a controlled economy. However if competition is such a great phenomenon than why does the trade war supposedly sparked from competition cause such international trouble and unsettling markets. [Before any more discussions on this deeply heated topic i want to voice that i am no way in any intention attempting to characterizes America as a demon. As i have the upmost respect for them. Only spreading my beliefs and opinion, under the right to free speech.] America’s response to the growing threat of a Chinese dominated market as they continue to catch America in the race of GDP. Has called on the application of national security, the holding of Huawei CFO in Canada and the supposed banning of Tik-Tok. These actions raised on the possible data concerns and pamper treatment given to Chinese companies, ultimately inhibiting growth, a move which obliterates any form of competition a common reason why people voice for less government interference with the economy. China's rise to its place today is questionable with its policies and funds suggesting the funding of Chinese enterprises. As for the foreseeable future the trade war is continuing likely to drag on, however the reliance on Chinese manufacturing due to Covid-19 may be extremely severed. The increasing tariffs will likely following the previous prediction, continue on until one economy taps into submissions. Much like America’s current form it seems that it will not go down without a fight, even at the expense of its citizens and other nations. In which a brokered deal would produce ripple effects of benefits felt across every sector.

3. America’s new social norm and rethinking the American dream: The new social norms, unemployment, business.

Unemployment in America has veered onto a tragic drop, spiraling out of control as unemployment numbers skyrocket to 48 million, as companies report cutting their active employment by 39% since January . America’s current social environment paramount for a functioning united country is in shreds. The global pandemic has extremly severed America already poor health care system after a series of policies abolishing Barack Obama’s Obamacare. Leading with reported cases of 5,370,930 according to John Hopkins University and medicine. Such a drastically large number and continuously growing one, can only be now theoretically tackled by authoritative measure something relatively foreign for Americans. As cities begin to open from lock down, small business are not following often known as the back bone of the economy it fails to make it past lock down. Where during lock down 54% of America’s sector were force to close. Impacts more sharply directed according to PNAS in the direction of arts and entertainment, personal services, food services, and hospitality businesses all reporting employment declines exceeding 50%. While finance, professional services, and real estate-related businesses experienced less disruption. However their strength against adversary must not be viewed as a whole equation, with sectors such as finance and business only benefiting or serving a small portion of the economy. According to the latest statics it is expected that after lock down only 47% of business will reopen. A drastic shock to the economy. In which what some may have thought as an event that would slowly subside after the pandemic, becoming an ever lasting or long lasting shock to the American economy and lifestyle. The once dominating American economy may soon be surpassed by the likes of china or those who fair better in this circumstance. Allowing their economy to prosper and open with a distant start compared to nations such as Brazil and America. With as from secondary research i predict a constant series of lock downs and reopening constantly alternating as consensus fails to be reached. It can be expected that the once what was thought as a 1 month long pandemic in America streched to 4 months will continue on growing with its drastic effect on the economy especially small business, politics and therefore social life. Which could potentially lead many to discover the new American dream except in a foreign country.

4.Global opinion on America: Americas future reputation, international popularity and people’s shifting opinions on America as a country.

America’s global popularity has very much wavered over the pass few months or years. The controversial presidency of Donald Trump in which many regard to as F–kface Von Clownstick, Creep Throat and Trumplethinskin, only scratching the surface. Donald Trump through the eyes of his opponents has despised him for his rightest actions supporting racism in some sense, discrediting LGBT often a topic not up for discussions and initiating such a late response to the corona virus. His many beliefs often conservative has been not a great public image to many liberals usually millennial, possibly leveraging the growing average age around the world. Nevertheless his conservative policies and sometimes unprecedented vicious moves, has earned him not a favorable international reputation. With even close allies discussing about the legitimacy of trump himself. However soon internationally and currently rising United states if flowing its current trend will be viewed as something of an inhibitor with a leader opposed to change with authoritative measures as seen by his lack of regard to humanity by sending in the National guards. Inhibiting growth and especially the current center for unrest as in Hong Kong will have tremendous effects as the suppression of rights one regarded in utilitarianism as to increase everyone happiness. Will be soon inspected because as citizens, not geeks or business men we often give weight to the nation we like by the current stance or actions.

About the author:

Eldon Tse— Hong Kong 🇭🇰 | Instagram

Always open to listen to new opinion and ground breaking ideas, to reach me please feel free to contact me through Instagram.

Disclaimer: I am in no position to cause any intentional hate against the United States, their history in building our nations globally has been tremendous, something we owe a debt of gratitude for. Personally the continuation of trade and business with Hong Kong and the U.S has been paramount to our economy. Especially the pegging of the USD to the HKD. To in which i hope this article may form a new opinion and should be debated among already existing ideas.




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